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"Ο Λογος σαρξ εγενετο"
[ "Logos became flesh" ]

"Εν τω Αδη ουκ εστι μετανοια"
[ "There is no repentance in Hades" ]

About The Institute of Hellenic & Orthodox Studies

The Institute of Hellenic & Orthodox Studies promotes the knowledge and the cultivation of the Greek language, history and the authentic teachings of the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox CHURCH & Faith is one! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow the same one! And is based in two principles : 1st, The Word (LOGOS) became flesh. and 2nd: There is no repetance in Hades. Or as St Athanasios the Great said: God became man so man can become god by Grace. The Orthodox Faith Radio is bringing you the unadultered teachings of the Orthodox Church that has been practised and realized in the lives of Her saints for more than 2000 years .

The Orthodox Church never prosylitize anyone. Calls though every one to "COME and SEE", to witness the living Orthodox Faith through the lives of Orthodox Saints who practised the therapeutic dogmas of Her faith.

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